The Metro Area Mayors Committee conducted a city wide survey of Fargo to determine how many businesses were in compliance with their accessible parking spots.  In cooperation with RSVP Volunteers of the Southern Valley we surveyed 556 businesses in Fargo.  According to the North Dakota Century Code and the Fargo City Code each spot is required to have a sign with the international accessibility symbol, a sign indicating it is a “$100 FEE” (not FINE) when illegally parked their and blue paint where the vehicle is parked.  If any one of those indicators is missing or worded incorrectly then the space is not in compliance.  Of the 556 businesses surveyed 36% did not have the international symbol, 48% did not have the “$100 FEE” indicator, and 36% did not have the blue markings.  Overall 52% of the businesses surveyed are in compliance.  The goal of MAMC is to have over 90% of the businesses in compliance.  Early next year MAMC will be conducting an educational campaign increasing awareness of the correct signage.